Freya on a blanket
(Freya on a blanket)

This is Freya, our female Chocolatepoint Siamese cat. She's tiny, but packs quite a whallop when she's letting you know who's in charge. She's also the least outgoing of our three cats. Freya's about 4 years old. She's great at cleaning our dishes before we put them in the dishwasher, and will eat all sorts of things (including those that people say cats shouldn't have). She also has the most plaintive little cry -- very un- Siamese-like indeed.

[So, is it Chocolate Point Siamese cat or Chocolatepoint Siamese cat?]

Despite her diminutive size, she gave birth to a litter of five kittens! Check out these pictures.

tiny kittens, look like rats
(Tiny newborn kittens, look like rats)
newborn kitten curled up
(newborn kitten curled up, eyes still closed)
newborn kitten face, still blind
(Newborn kitten, still blind; ears showing color)
kitten in basket looking cute
(older kitten in cat bed, looking playful & cute)
Freya stretching out on guest bed
(Freya stretching out on guest bed, looking very pregnant)

They were born on July 4, 1999, and she did it all by herself. We went to bed to a pregnant Freya (in her "nest" in the guestroom), and awoke to a postpartum Freya and five kittens (three males, two females). One kitten was not in the same area as the others, and we aren't sure whether she was trying to abandon this one or it simply got lost. It was not the runt. The runt was the smallest kitten imaginable, and we force-fed her kitten formula (instant fake cat's milk). She grew up and now our friend Rodney has her and her brother. Freya was fixed a cycle or two after this litter.

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Lane Bourn and Stuart Wells love all their cats, and encourage you not to play favorites.

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Updated 02/22/2003