Photos from December Farm!

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Sigyn in birdbath Sigyn, our bluepoint Siamese cat, sunning herself in an empty birdbath. (jpg, 48kb)   peacock headshot This is our peacock. He's very curious, and follows us around the yard investigating whatever we're doing. (jpg, 39kb)
peacock with lensflare Here's the peacock again with a chicken. That's our barn in the background. And no, he still doesn't have a name yet. (jpg, 31kb)   2 goats, 1 sheep, 1 guinea Here is Havarti (the black goat), her son Sarek (light brown), and Romana, the sheep, plus a guinea. Looking over the back fence toward the chicken coop. (jpg, 22kb)
Havarti, Sarek, Romana Another image of Havarti, Sarek, and Romana. (jpg, 10kb)   Havarti Havarti, our mother goat. We had to put her down this fall when she got sick. (jpg, 10kb)


This is Sarek, Havarti's son. (jpg, 7kb)   Romana This is Romana. She's a 3/4 Icelandic sheep, and has very pretty fleece. She's also got horns, and can be very sweet or rather stubborn. (jpg, 8kb)
There are more photos to be seen on our old photos page, too.

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Updated 02/22/2003