General Information about December Farm

December Farm is our small Christmas tree farm located in Rowley, Massachusetts. It was started in the late 1980's, and is now owned by Lane Bourn and Stuart Wells (see the People page for more info). We're the third set of owners.

We're located on about 8 acres in the coastal Massachusetts town of Rowley. We're supposedly in USDA Zone 6b, but this winter it never got below -10F this year, and I really hope this is a fluke and will not happen again for a long time. I don't think any of my rosemary will have survived. They were in pots against the house, and while they had good snowcover for most of the winter, they're pretty darn brown.

We have several varieties of trees, and are planting some new ones for sale in a few years. Mature varieties are fraser fir and blue spruce. Young trees include white fir, douglas fir, himalayan fir, scotch pine, giant sequoia, some other firs including more frasers, and several spruces, including blue spruce and serbian spruce.

We share this property with a lot of wildlife, and some livestock, and our pets too. We have three Siamese cats, Loki, Sigyn, and Freya.  We have three sheep, one goat, and four peacocks. We also have a whole lot of chickens (including many auracanas, which lay colored eggs), we used to have four gray geese as "watchgeese," and sometimes eggs until the coyotes got 'em, and about 4 Guinea fowl to control ticks and other bugs. We lost a lot of birds this past summer to hawks and other predators, so they're not as free range as they once were. I hope to have some portable coops this summer for birds among trees that will allow them to be free-ranging and safe.

The farm is a work in progress, and we're improving it all the time. Is it a lot of work, though! We've learned much, and continue to do so almost every day.

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Updated 02/22/2003