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Links hit daily:
 Gay Organizations' Links:
 Gay Media Links:
  • The Advocate - Good daily source of short GLBT news and information
  • PlanetOut - Another good source of GLBT news and information, plus comics and columns; heavy use of frames, javascript, and cookies
  • The DataLounge - Decent news source also
  • Bay Windows - Boston's own weekly has its articles online; updated every Thursday (javascript-dependent)
  • The Washington Blade - An excellent newspaper for national, regional, and local (metro DC) news, plus comics; updated Fridays
 Computer Links:
  • Slashdot - "News for Nerds. Stuff that matters." Partially true: they take "news" (sometimes just rumor) and comment on it, making for a lively and often very stupid discussion
  • The Register - A UK-based news source with a delightful pro-IT bias to it
  • Google - My favorite search engine; fast and complete
 Newspapers, Comics, Movies, and Television Links:
  • Boston.com - Home of the Boston Globe and local news
  • New York Times - The New York Times online
  • Washington Post - The Washington Post online

  • Get Fuzzy - Daily comic strip about a man and his Siamese cat & dog
  • User Friendly - Daily comic strip about an ISP

  • IMDb - The Internet Movie Database; very useful for settling bets

  • Farscape - Our favorite currently-airing show, along with Buffy
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Lane came to the party late, and Stuart's been there longer; but we love the repeats on FX and the new shows on UPN
  • Scifi Channel - Home of Farscape, Babylon 5, and a few other things
  • The Lurker's Guide - My favorite Babylon 5 web site, still
 Friends' Links:
 Other Links:
 Christmas Tree Links:
 General Plant & Farming Links:
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