Loki on bedspread
(Loki sitting on a bedspread)

This is Loki, our male Sealpoint Siamese cat. Loki is a big lug (about 19 pounds, and it's mostly muscle) who's incredibly cuddly. Loki's 7years old, and is the unofficial mascot of December Farm. Some day we'll promote him to official mascot. Unless he misbehaves.

[There's some disagreement whether Loki is a sealpoint Siamese cat or a Seal Point Siamese cat. Doesn't much matter to me. Seems that the search engines care, though.]

Loki is extremely friendly and very sociable. During Christmas tree selling season, Loki greets our guests and will very often jump in their cars if a door's open. People are taken aback and marvel at his striking blue eyes and outgoing personality. Of course he's got himself quite a voice (like most Siamese), and he runs in a bizarre loping rabbit-like manner, which is fun to watch. Clearly, he doesn't run often enough or he'd be slimmer. As Qwilleran said, neutering Siamese turns them into throw pillows.

Loki playing in a bag
(Loki playing in a bag)
Loki playing in a box
(Loki playing in a box)
He can be playful!

Loki stretching and yawning
(Loki stretching and yawning)

Loki relaxing on a laser printer
(Loki relaxing on a laser printer)

Loki in a cat bed with Sigyn and Freya
(Loki in a cat bed with Sigyn and Freya -- and my, how large he looks!)
He can be lazy!

Loki sitting contentedly
(Loki sitting contentedly at the top of the stairs.
He sits there and guards the second floor.)

He's easily startled, and it's fun to sneak up on and make him jump. And like most Siamese, he talks all the time. We really like being able to have a two-way conversation with our cats. (Samples coming eventually!)

Loki likes to play in boxes and bags, although he doesn't much like to chase toys. He likes to sit at the top of the stairs, watching and guarding (see photo above). He also likes to roll over and expose his belly and have it petted (see other photo above).

Nicknames: Lokster, Lok-meister, Lokstopher, Loki-haha, Tubby (currently the most popular), Lok, Hey You, Lokstoferengi, Off the Table.

Be sure to visit the pages of our other cats Freya and Sigyn, too!
Lane Bourn and Stuart Wells love all their cats equally, although it's "your cat" if it threw up on the carpet, but "my cat" if it threw up on the tile.

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Updated 02/22/2003