Quick Facts about December Farm

These are the former"Quick Facts" about December Farm. We're leaving them here even though we will not be open this coming Christmas season.

We are NOT going to open for public onsite sales for Christmas 2002.
We are replanting and need to wait for trees to grow.

Tree varieties: We have naturally shaped balsam fir, fraser fir, blue spruce, and white spruce. Heights range from 8 feet to over 18 feet. Remember, you don't have to take all the tree, just as much as you need.

Prices and payment: We take cash or checks. Prices: Balsams are $35, Blue Spruces are $35, and white spruces are $25.

[bullet] We have our own wreaths, made by us. Approximately 16"-18" diameter available in solid balsam, balsam and blue spruce, and mixed greens. Also, we offer our fabulous Pink Triangle Wreaths!

We have animals! Sheep, goats, guineas, chickens, geese, peacocks, and cats! Visit our picture pages to see them. NOTE: Please do not harass the animals. Should go without saying, right? Well, last year we had kids who cornered our geese and were tormenting them while their parents watched. The dad said since we didn't say they couldn't torture our birds, they didn't know they shouldn't do it. So now we're saying it. Please don't torture the animals.

[bullet] We have trees & plants! Christmas tree seedlings, fruit trees, other plants in nursery beds, and our perennial, herb, and vegetable gardens. Please do not harass the plants. Should also go without saying, right? Well, this year we had some child who used one of our fruit tree saplings for baseball practice and destroyed it with a stake. Note: none of these plants are currently for sale. We plan to offer fruit, vegetable, and nursery sales in the future. Again, please don't torture the plants.
We provide saws, or you can bring your own (no chainsaws, please).
We also have a tree baler to wrap your tree in netting for easier travel.
We have twine for tying your tree to your car (but your own bungee cords may work better).
Bungee cords work great to tie your tree down; so does ordinary rope.
Bring an old blanket to cover your car's roof.
Wear shoes appropriate for tromping through farm fields.
Look before you step! We're an active, working farm, and there's a lot of stuff to step in or over.
Check for ticks as you leave.
When you find your tree, leave one person with it while someone else gets the rest of the family or a saw so you won't forget which tree was "the one."
[bullet] You may tag your tree earlier in the season and come back later to cut it. We used to ask a $5 deposit for tagging, but now we're going to ask you to pay up front. We had several trees unsold this year because people didn't claim tagged trees and didn't call to tell us we could sell them. Call in autumn 2002 if you'd like to tag a tree before we're formally open. Tagging works on an honor system: please tell us if you later decide not to take your tree so we can offer it to someone else.
[bullet] Send us email if you'd like to be on December Farm's mailing list. We'll let you know when we're open for tagging and cutting, and what's new and exciting here at December Farm. It's a low-volume list.

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Updated 04/28/2002