Sigyn on a birdhouse
(Sigyn sitting on top of a birdhouse)

This is Sigyn, our female bluepoint Siamese. She is our huntress (although she doesn't hunt often enough) and has taught Loki and Freya how to hunt for themselves. (Hunting is a learned behavior in domestic cats). She is also an extremely demanding lap cat and insists on being in someones lap most of the time. And of course, she has a quite a voice on her, and isn't afraid to use it. She's also almost mastered the doorknob concept, but not quite yet.

So, is she a Bluepoint Siamese cat or a Blue Point Siamese cat?

Sigyn on someone's lap
(Sigyn on someone's lap)
Sigyn leaving for her daily hunt
(Sigyn leaving for her daily hunt)
Sigyn in pot
(Sigyn hiding in a flower pot)
Sigyn on Monitor
(Sigyn relaxing on the monitor)

Asking to go out
(Sigyn asking to go out)

Decorating tree
(Sigyn decorating a tree)

Nicknames: Sigynato, Siggy, Sig

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Lane Bourn and Stuart Wells love all their cats, and encourage you not to play favorites either, not matter which one is the cutest.

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Updated 02/22/2003