Stuart W. Wells


I was born in Minneapolis Minnesota and lived for a short time in St. Paul. I attended Groves Academy and Saint Luke.

In 1980 my family moved to Westport, Connecticut. I attended Long Lots Junior High School and Staples High School. While at Staples I also took a semester of college courses at Fairfield University and at Yale.

I went to college at Clarkson University in Potsdam New York where I obtained a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.S. in Computer Science. I spent two years at Worcester Polytechnic Institute as a Teaching Assistant in the CAD Lab while getting my Masters in Computer Science.

After graduate school I lived in Waltham, Watertown, and Somerville Massachusetts. I currently live in Rowley Massachusetts on an 8.5 acre Christmas tree farm called December Farm. I share the farm with my partner and three Siamese cats.

I am an embedded software engineering working on real time applications using C++, VxWorks and Linux. I currently have a contract at Polaroid Corp working on an embedded device. I recently I worked as an embedded driver engineer at Avici Systems Inc on FPGA drivers for the world's largest router. I also teach CS450 Object Oriented Technology at Bentley College. I am considering teaching full time if I can afford to get a Ph.D.

I am a board member of equalmarriage.org . We recently defeated a Super-DOMA constitutional amendment in Massachusetts. I am gearing up to defeat a DOMA plus constitutional amendment that was introduced again at the state house. Someday the right wing will leave me alone to love and marry Lane.






Random Labels

Software Engineer, Adjunct Professor, Gay, INTJ, Political Activist, Top, Chaotic Good,  Middle Aged, and Sleepy.

Other Websites

I am trying to create a person/professional website: www.stuartwells.net (so far the content isn't much different then you see on this page.)

Paper and Patents

    1. R. Lonegro and S. W. Wells, "Method and System for Design and Drafting", U.S. Patent 5,929,856, Granted on July 27, 1999.
    2. R. Lonegro and S. W. Wells, "Method and Sysetm [sic] for Design and Drafting", U.S. Patent 5,655,095; Granted on Aug. 5, 1997.
    3. R. Lonegro and S. W. Wells, "Method and System for Design and Drafting", U.S. Patent 5,548,707; Granted on Aug 20, 1996.
    4. S. W. Wells and M. O. Ward, "Interaction Between Different Types of Domain Contraint Knowledge in Image Segmentation", SPIE conference, Vol 1827, pp. 198-208, 1993.
    5. Some really bad poetry.


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